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EnzkreisThe Enzkreis is with its 28 cities and municipalities in the region Northern Black Forest in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, between the conurbations of Stuttgart and Karlsruhe. It includes the independent city of Pforzheim.


Its strength lies in its diversity. He is a sought-after business location and popular residential space at the same time. While in the major district town Mühlacker pulsating urban life, just a few kilometers away are maintained them in homey timbered villages centuries-old traditions. On historic ground of unique scenic beauty dwell Baden and Württemberg next door.

His special charm owes Enzkreis four different landforms. The northwest part of the Kraichgau which is used intensively for agriculture. Fields, pastures and vineyards dominate the landscape. The east adjoining Stromberg is a popular recreation area thanks wooded heights, rolling valleys and sunny vineyards. The Heckengäu impresses more by its austere beauty: juniper heath, sloe, red and white thorns traverse this barren area. In the southwest of the Enzkreis opens with dense pine forests and glades, vast plateaus and narrow valleys of the northern Black Forest its doors.

It is also characteristic of the cultural richness of Enzkreises. So he is home, for example, a World Heritage Site: the former Cistercian monastery Maulbronn.


The Enzkreis was formed in 1973 from the district of Pforzheim and parts of the former counties Calw, Leonberg and Vaihingen. The Enzkreis includes an almost equal former from Baden and Württemberg’s area.

Facts of Enzkreis

  • Consists in 28 cities and communities
  • Population: 193,668 inhabitant
  • Area: 573.89 km²
  • Population density: 338 Ew / km
  • Best stretch: north-south = 32 km | West-East = 35 km

Local Project Coordinator

Jürgen Hörstmann

Angela Gewiese
Vice coordinator