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Leader Liiveri

LiiveriLiiveri is a local action group (LAG) for rural and local development operating in beautiful and unique province of South Ostrobothnia. The Seinäjoki sub-region includes the capital of the province, Seinäjoki and its neighbouring municipalities of Ilmajoki and Jalasjärvi. The distance from the capital of the province, Seinäjoki, to the Finnish capital, Helsinki, is 350 km. The population of the Seinäjoki sub-region is approximately 80000.

The Development Association of Seinäjoki Region was founded in 1997. The aim of Liiveri’s development program is to increase the competitive capacity of the area to make the region more attractive living environment. To maintain the vitality of the region, Liiveri offers partial EU-funding for enterprises and development projects. At season 2014 – 2020 Liiveri fulfills its “Pysyy ja Paranoo” (“Stays and gets better”) strategy which guides association’s operations and helps selecting finance targets.

Financing for the granted supports is provided by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, state’s resources and area’s municipalities. Liiveri’s operations are open for everyone and are politically and religiously independent. Anyone can participate to the rural development by fulfilling a project, by being part of it or by becoming a member of the association.

Local Project Coordinator

Sinikka Koivumäki