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Municipality of Collecchio

Collecchio comprises one municipality and six small villages and it is located 11km south-west of Parma in a wonderful area surrounded by hills and plains with around 14000 inhabitants. The economy is solid and based on the service sector and businesses. Most of the companies work in agri-business, such as agriculture and agricultural products processing, but there are also mechanic companies that produce machines for the food industry.
There are more than two hundred farms growing cereals, vegetables to make sauces, and fodder for milk cows. Besides this, there are wineries, dairies, salumifici (salami factories), as well as businesses specialized in processing milk and tomatoes and that account for 9% of domestic production.

The tourist sector plays an important role as well, with dozens of hotels, a wide range of pubs and typical restaurants, bus and train connections, and excursions by bicycle thanks to cycle lanes that are many kilometres long.
Collecchio is also famous for sport, both at a European and international level. Here one can find the “Parma Calcio” sports centre and one of the main multipurpose regional sports centre, with swimming pools, a fitness and a wellness centre.

The Collecchio community is particularly involved in volunteering and belongs to healthcare, social, cultural and sport associations. There are more than 50 volunteering associations with around 20% of the total population involved in this activity.

Local Project Coordinator

Antonella Setti