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Municipality of Linz

The city of Linz is the capital of Upper Austria and located 180 kilometers away from our capital city Vienna. It has 200.000 inhabitants.


This slogan is to be the programme for visiting Linz. As a UNESCO City of Media Arts, Linz is constantly in motion and always in a state of flux. In this contemporary Creative City by the Danube, which demonstrates visionary, progressive thinking, the focus of your gaze will not be drawn back to ruins, castles, palaces or churches. After all, it always keeps pace with the times. The city stands for making discoveries, widening your horizons and finding new perspectives, and is a trendsetter and impetus for business and technology.
The city is also a European pioneer when it comes to networking our guests with the rest of the world: through 125 WiFi hotspots in the city, which enable unbureaucratic access to the Internet free of charge. But  also stands for relaxation, enjoyment and nature by the Danube.

Linz an important business location

With regard to its citizens, the city probably has the most world market leaders. There are hardly any railway lines in the world that do not use technology from Linz, every second car in Europe was built from voestalpine steel, super sports cars are driven by gear components from Linz, and the latest generation of plastics makes life easier – in almost all industrial sectors there is a strong piece of Linz’s innovation. The city’s location by the Danube certainly plays a decisive role here. It all began with the shipping industry and the horse-drawn railway, which made Linz a trading venue, followed by the only shipyard by the Danube and the best steelworks in the world, voestalpine. There are seven universities and universities of applied sciences with various faculties ranging from medicine to technology, economics, health, law, education and theology. The municipality has more than 14.000 companies. With various new business centers and innovative ideas trade is also a very important economic factor.

A social city

Linz has an extensive offer for people of all ages. One focus is the expansion of the childcare with the result that every child over 3 years get a place in a public or private kindergarten. The quality of living for the elderly is an other important focus. 
Therefore Linz also has an extensive offer in the field of public and private care homes and mobile services for elderly.

A cultural city

In 2009 was the European Capital of Culture. With the most modern music theatre in Europe, the Linzer Klangwolken, the Ars Electronica Festival, the Bruckner Festival, the museum Lentos Linz plays an important rule in the international cultural policy.

Local Project Coordinator

Susanna Rothmayer

Andrea Hayböck-Schmid
Vice Coordinator