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Municipality of Norrköping

NorrköpingThe city of Norrköping, with approximately 137000 inhabitants, is situated at the east coast of Sweden in a distance of 160 kilometers from our capital city Stockholm.

The municipality has more than 9000 companies in strong industries like paper industry, transport and logistics, energy, visualization and media technology, and tourism. Norrköping is a city where the civil society has a wide and large engagement. There are over 700 registred associations with a varied area for participation; in sports, culture, social care, environmental sustainibilty, religion etc.

norrkoping-2Norrköping is a city in constant transformation. In the past, it was a traditional industrial city. Nowadays the city explodes of creative and knowledge-driven entrepreneurship.
Our location is perfect – it engages rail, shipping, aviation and European routes.
 In the citycenter of Norrköping you meet the city’s soul – the colorful industrial landscape towering along the rapids and waterfalls in the stream that flows through the city. It fills the old part of the city with new content that makes the connection between the history and the future obvious and clear. Along with the water, parks and promenades follows these restored industrial buildings, which puts a unique frame around Norrköping.

Many visitors say it is Sweden’s most beautiful city. The municipal council is the municipality’s highest decision-making body.
The municipal board manages and coordinates the planning and monitoring of municipal economy, finance and operations.
 The achievement for the municipality of Norrköping is a good life for every citizen in our city. In the vision for the municipal of Norrköping you can read: “For you. For all. For the good life!”.

The municipality has every one right to equality, participation and welfare. Our vision is about the good life, and the mission is to create, develop and provide welfare services to all citizens in our area.”

Local Project Coordinator

Anne Olofsson
Coordinator sustainable development | Norrköpings Municipal Board office Kommunservice