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Municipality of Skövde

Skövde is located at the foot of the hill Billingen. It is a welcoming city where people meet, and feel good. Beeing close to nature enriches the residents’ lives, and offers opportunities for recreation and a healthy life. The city also has a rich cultural life with lots of music, theater and museum.

It has 54000 inhabitants and is located in southern Sweden, between Sweden’s two largest cities – Stockholm and Gothenburg. By train, it takes only two hours to the capital of Sweden! Skövde is an expansive city that has both the charm of a small town and the spirit of a big city. You can buy vegetables from the local farmers in the morning and visit the restaurants and bars till the early hours.

Residents of the municipality works primarily in healthcare, manufacturing, education and trade. For decades, millions of Volvo engines manufactured in Skövde, which employs 4000 people Skövde is also a modern university that educates students to, for example become successful production engineer, coaches – or computer games developer! “

Local Project Coordinator

Petra Abelsson Smedberg
Head of unit for Leisure and Recreation - Municipality of Skövde

Charlotta Brink
Integration coordinator - Municipality of Skövde