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Terms and conditions for use of contents

The site and the contents at the address are owned by Evolaq Project | SERN – Viale Aldo Moro, 44 – 40127 Bologna (BO) – Italy – C.F.: 91251370374 hereinafter referred to as Evolaq Project.

The use of content, navigating and registering on the site are subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions, regulations and Italian and European legislation.

Correspondingly the recording, editing and sending of content to it are the full responsibility of its respective authors. Under no circumstances will Evolaq Project be held responsible for what is written or sent by users, since accepting the terms and conditions as defined above, they assume all civil and criminal liability.
In the case of investigations or legal proceedings, Evolaq Project will track and deliver information in its possession to the competent authorities.

Evolaq Project does everything possible to keep the site under its ownership free of viruses, however, it cannot ensure that it is. For this reason, we recommend the utmost care to ensure adequate protection against viruses, trojans and anything else related to malware.

Evolaq Project does not guarantee the absence of errors and offers no guarantees in the case of non-availability of the services offered on this site. Also, with the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the registration, the user explicitly accepts the processing of data for the purposes of the Italian law 196/2000.

For a correct attribution Evolaq Project stores, together with the content of the comments, all the data in its possession, including the IP address of the authors, in the manner described in the Privacy section and for any claims or actions coming from public authorities.

Privacy Policy

To register for the site the user consents to use his/her name, surname, email address, username and password.

For privacy purposes, we inform you that the holder of the personal details is Nicola Catellani, as representative of SERN with the registered office in Viale Aldo Moro, 44 – 40127 Bologna (BO) – Italy.

Only in writing using the appropriate form, the claimant may apply for the cancellation of all forms of personal and / or sensitive material sent to and present in any part of the site, indicating specifically the links for its identification. Evolaq Project will delete any personal or otherwise sensitive details as reported by the user in a short period of time.

Non-sensitive information sent in various ways to the Evolaq Project site will be collected and protected as accurately as possible, while respecting the Italian law on privacy (Legislative Decree 196/2003) and therefore available to the authorities.

Legal notices

With regard to the laws on privacy and copyright, the user remains the copyright owner of the work submitted and he/she can at any time request the cancellation of its inclusion or request it to be deleted. When sending texts, pictures, graphics, audio and video to Evolaq Project, you agree that Evolaq Project has the right to use them fully and recognize its full fruition. Any violation will be prosecuted in accordance with Italian and European Law.

As specifically mentioned above, the contents of this site may not, either in whole or in part, be copied, reproduced, transferred, uploaded, published or distributed in any way without the prior consent of Evolaq Project, except for storing on the user’s computer or to print copies of pages from this site solely for personal use.

In the case that specific services, products and brands are found on the website, its modification or cancellation may be requested when the ownership has been proven by its author pursuant to Law via email to:

SERN – Viale Aldo Moro, 44 – 40127 Bologna (BO) – Italy – C.F.: 91251370374 –


The site is owned by Evolaq Project and is protected under the Italian Law 929/1942 including its amendments, and the regulations on unfair competition.
If there are violations of the regulations on copyright and the protection of trademarks, Evolaq Project will be forced to assert their rights and reasons before the competent authorities, obviously with related claims on all the moral and material damages in the case there are such.


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